I’m Bonnie Lee Nicholls, an early literacy & learning specialist, and my expertise and passion is helping parents like you, give your toddler or preschooler their best chance at success in school & in life, through customized early literacy learning.

This is how it works...

You + ME = Dream Team


You have a precious-and-cherished-in-every-way toddler or preschooler, and you:

- want the absolute very best education for your child

- love the idea of learning through play but aren't really sure what that looks like when learning to read and write

- don’t want to see your child struggle as a learner and want him or her to continue to love learning

- want to make sure your child’s unique talents and gifts are nurtured in a way that allows him or her to grow in confidence to be the incredibly lovely individual that he or she is meant to be

- have scoured the internet and read countless books, but you’re not really sure how your child learns best, or where he or she is at as a reader and writer

You want to do the very best for your child, and figuring that out can be overwhelming. I'm here to help!


After spending 15 years of studying, researching, and teaching early literacy to students, parents, and teachers around the globe, I started this business to help parents as they support their early literacy learners achieve success while developing a true love of learning.

Each child is a unique learner. Through my interactive, online workshops, I help you figure out how your child learns best, where your child is at as a reader and writer, and where he or she is going next. This enables you to tailor home literacy practices to your child’s unique strengths and needs.

I’ve done many live workshops over the past 10 years and, after repeated requests, I was inspired to transform my live workshops into a series of online workshops. The online platform provides parents with the opportunity to learn and explore at their own pace, privately document their discoveries, get personalized feedback from me, and share with other parents as they work through the program. 

I’m very excited about being able to offer this expanded access to personalized learning, tools, feedback, and resources to parents who have prioritized their child’s early literacy.

Dream Team

No one knows your child like you do, which makes you the expert on your little gem! My specialty is in how children learn & how to customize literacy to children's unique ways of learning. When you and I work as a team, we can combine our expertise's in order to give your child the very best! Sounds dreamy?

You can work through my workshop in any way you prefer. Some people have a DIY style and find that they get everything they need just by watching my videos, others love chatting with me & my team via email & skype phone calls. It's up to you (and how you learn best), but I'm here to personally support you in any way you need.

Plus, everything's better with friends, right?

Professional Bio

Bonnie is a passionate and enthusiastic award winning elementary school teacher and researcher. She obtained her Bachelor of Education Degree at the University of Alberta in 2003 and her Master of Education Degree from the University of Victoria in 2013, in the area of Language and Literacy; her research focused on multimodal learning (the many ways that children explore and communicate their learning) and the connection between play, story, and literacy acquisition.

 Bonnie working with teachers in Kathmandu, Nepal (2007).

Bonnie working with teachers in Kathmandu, Nepal (2007).

Bonnie has worked with students, parents, teachers, schools, school districts, and aid organizations in Western Canada and Nepal. She has developed research based literacy workshops for teachers, and for parents, and was the educational consultant during the design, construction, and opening of a school built in Nepal.

Bonnie truly believes in the power of education. Education is the door to possibility for children, and literacy is the key to that door. All children are bright and capable learners and deserve to have their unique gifts and talents valued, and to develop confidence in their capabilities. Each child deserves to have a foundation in place that gives them the best chance of pursuing their passions and dreams. Bonnie is dedicated to empowering parents by sharing all of the tools they need to infuse literacy into their everyday lives, to ensure their child's reading success, and to inspire their children to love learning!

Bonnie's mission is to ensure literacy success for every child! Changing the world through education is part of her business model. Each for profit training program will be tied to a non-profit partner who supports literacy instruction to families in need, locally and globally

 Bonnie & Andrew at a favourite beach (2011)!

Bonnie & Andrew at a favourite beach (2011)!

The Fun Details

Bonnie lives in Victoria, Canada, with her incredibly wonderful husband and her lovely & clearly talented puppy (see above picture). She loves new friends, and is admittedly super nerdy about anything early literacy related, so if you want to chat about how your awesome toddler or preschooler is learning, click on one of the links below.  Stay in touch, let's connect!

My Specialized Team

Adrienne BW.jpg

Adrienne Fehr

Inclusive Education Specialist

Adrienne is a devoted advocate for children. She has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta in Special Education.  She has been a dedicated teacher for 15 years with a focus on special education and literacy strategies. Drawing from a wealth of experience, Adrienne strives to integrate sensory needs, social stories, literacy support and differentiated instruction into the daily lives of kids.  She is an expert in autism education and has also specialized in making mental health provisions in schools. She has spent the last 7 years training and fostering teams of educational support staff in inclusive classrooms.  Her greatest strength lies in accurately identifying the individual needs of students and then acutely adapting or modifying instruction to meet the child where they are.  We are incredibly grateful to have this strong and patient woman in our corner.

Ashley 2.jpg

Ashley Walker

English Language Learning Specialist

Ashley found a way, early on in her career, to pair her love of travel and adventure with her dedication to teaching.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Bachelor of Education from the University of Victoria, and a Master’s of Education in English as a Second Language from the University of British Columbia.  Ashley has worked as a primary teacher in culturally unique communities in Canada as well as at public schools in Abu Dhabi.  Her principal focus has been on developing culturally appropriate literacy strategies to promote language learning, understanding, and retention. She has conducted a number of professional development opportunities for teachers as well as English language workshops for the Arabic faculty.  Her extensive experience & specialized training in delivering and assessing differentiated units to a wide variety of ability levels and cultural backgrounds makes Ashley a truly vital resource for us when engaging international students and early English learners. We're thrilled to have Ashley on our team!


Stephanie Spani

Reggio-Inspired Early Childhood Educator

Stephanie firmly believes that there is a natural connection between learning and play. For the past 15 years she has been leading Art and Yoga summer camps for children. These camps offer kids a supportive space to foster creativity, sharpen focus, and learn tools for relaxation. This impressive woman graduated with honours from Camosun's Early Childhood Education program in 2013. She also holds certificates in Infant/Toddler development and Inclusion support. during her studies she discovered the Reggio Emilia approach of child-centered learning. She was so inspired by the philosophy that she has shaped her teaching practice around the fundamental principles of tailoring an environment so that the child's interests guide the curriculum. Steph also employs elements of her work at home in the ways that she organizes space, uses toys, and approaches her young daughter's development. No doubt she has all kinds of tricks up her sleeve to help you and your child to reach learning goals. We are so fortunate to have this imaginative woman as a resource and dynamic member of our team!

Ang 1.jpg

Angela Chin

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Angela graduate with distinction from the University of Alberta in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy. She has been working as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist (OT) for the past 10 years. As a school-based therapist, her knowledge and expertise are aimed at improving student performance and success at school. Angela works tirelessly to support children who have physical, cognitive, and sensory challenges that affect their motor skills, and often their ability to engage in the important childhood tasks of play and learning. Angela specializes in designing individualized programs and tools to meet each child's unique needs. Her work substantially contributes to her client's quality of life and the confidence building necessary for children to become more independent in their lives and in their learning. This gem of a woman is currently pursuing a Master's in Rehabilitation Science where her research is focused on school-based therapy for children with complex health care needs. In case all that isn't enough, for the past 3 years Angela has been following her passion all the way to Mexico bringing desperately needed equipment such as wheelchairs, volunteering to create specialized programs for children with disabilities, as well as much needed training for the lovely people caring for the children.


Jason Fehr

Educational Technology Specialist

If you can dream it, Jason can create it! He has the expertise to develop or create any imaginable technology for teachers and parents to support their student’s and children’s learning experience by tailoring technology to their unique learning needs. He has exhaustive knowledge and skills in the area of computer sciences. He has spent 16 years as a web developer working anywhere from small start ups to large scale companies, as an independent contractor and in the Post-Secondary Education system. Jason spent 6 years in Educational Technology with a primary focus on Learning Management Systems where he was responsible for seamlessly integrating software and hardware for instructors, such as iPads and drawing tablets, to provide accessibility and differentiation in their courses. He is part of a small contingent of specialists who is certified as a Moodle Course Creator and has developed custom interactive learning resources to support the needs of his clients. We are extremely fortunate to have Jason on our team. He will expertly and creatively develop, adapt, discover, or innovate, any aspect of technology to support the needs of our company and our clients. 

Bree Tibblet

Montessori Educator & Freelance Editor

Bree’s love of writing and storytelling led her into a teaching career.  She has a degree in English Literature where she immersed herself in writing from the four corners of the globe.  She decided she wanted to pass her love for stories onto students and entered into a Bachelor’s of Education.  An opportunity came up to teach abroad at a Canadian international school in China where she taught Chinese students from Grade 9 to Grade 12.  Back in Canada, she is teaching at a Montessori school focusing on child-centered learning and working with children from pre-school all the way through to Grade 8.  Her introduction to Montessori has opened her eyes to how children learn best through playing, making connections to their world and creating their own stories. Bree’s time in China, her experience in Montessori classrooms, and her love of story has helped her to develop a truly unique lens that is sensitive to the uniqueness of each person’s individual story. She is an incredibly talented writer who effortlessly and joyfully turns any writing, be it boring academic research or confusingly worded explanations, into clear and approachable narrative that is a joy to read. We are truly thankful that Bree works as a freelance editor and helps us to find that perfect word we’re looking for.   

About My Company

We are a woman run, socially motivated company.

We envision a world where every child has access to the best possible education; an education that will ensure their freedom to live the life they choose and dream of. We believe that access to the best literacy instruction is the key to this dream.

We believe that each child is a unique learner and has unique strengths and needs; that every child needs and deserves to be taught in the developmentally and culturally appropriate ways best suited to their individuality.

We find it incredibly upsetting that children who are still struggling with reading by the end of grade three, will very likely continue to struggle with reading (as well as with the majority of their school subjects) for the rest of their school career! Literacy struggles are linked to low self-esteem, dropping out of school, and even criminal behaviour! But because literacy success is synonymous with school success, and preventing reading struggles is significantly easier than fixing them, we are super excited and inspired by what literacy prevention can do for children. In fact, we are amazed that some research suggests over 95% of reading struggles are preventable! 

Our incredible team of educators and creators, predominantly from Western Canada, are truly dedicated to sharing the tools and strategies supported by decades of global research, and to inspire families in the prevention of literacy struggles. We are working hard to achieve a world where exceptional literacy education, and therefore success in school, is the standard for every child.

Each for profit training program is tied to a non-profit partner who supports literacy instruction to families in need. This means when you invest in your own child through our training programs, you're also investing in children and families in your global community; you are helping to make the world a better place! We are currently donating a portion of the proceeds of our workshops to MalalaFund.org. Lean more about how MalalaFund supports education for children around the world.

Click here to learn more about the awesome organizations Bonnie has worked with in the past.