You have a precious-and-cherished-in-every-way toddler, preschooler, kindergartener or first grader and you:


- want the absolute very best education for your child

- find it fascinating how your child learns and develops

- don’t want to see them struggle as a learner and want them to continue to love learning

- want to make sure your child’s unique talents and gifts are nurtured in a way that allows them to grow in confidence to be the incredibly lovely individual that they are meant to be so that one day they can follow their own dreams and passions, and you’ll do anything you can to make sure this happens

- have scoured the internet and read countless books, but you’re not really sure how your child learns best, or where they’re at as a reader and writer, and you’re not sure if the books that you read or the activities that you’re doing are really the best ones for your child’s learning development, and you really just want a little help to figure out the best ways of learning for your child