I'm thrilled you're interested in the Dream Team!

This is an online-based workshop

where I personally walk you, step-by-step, through

the best practices in teaching reading

in the ways tailored to your child's unique ways of learning,

& your family's busy life!

After helping hundreds of families & teachers around the globe tailor research based literacy practices to their children's unique ways of learning in order to set them up for reading & writing success, my hope is that my specialized team & I can help you do the same.

Looking forward to meeting you,


You have a cherished-and-precious-in-every-way toddler or preschooler and you...

- want your child to excel academically without dampening their natural curiosity & love of learning.
- want your child to learn through play, but aren’t really sure what that looks like.
- don’t want your child to struggle in school, but aren’t sure how to prevent that.

You want the very best education for your child in order to set them up to follow their dreams...

...but you're not sure what that looks like now while they’re little.

Plus you have the busiest life...

& you might turn into a crazy person if you have to do one-more-thing in a day to enrich your child’s development.

Have you ever had a mommy friend tell you her 3 year old is already reading...

...and you mildly panic because your 4 yr old doesn't even know their ABC's?
You probably think her child was just born a natural reader or all she does all day are time consuming literacy drills.

Not so. It's easy! I'll show you how.

You and I have busy lives! We don't have time to add one-more-thing to our plate!
Which is why I will show you literacy strategies that are custom tailored to your child's exact learning needs that fit effortlessly into your family's life, so that your cherished time isn't wasted with ineffective programs. 

This is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all program!

Those programs are created for the ‘average’ child and they simply don’t work, because your child isn’t ‘average’. Your child is brilliant with a distinctive personality and incredible talents that are unique to them. I will personally guide you through your child’s unique learning path to set them up to be successful readers. You will feel empowered and confident that you really know & can do the exact things your child needs to give them the reading advantage and best start to life you possibly can!

Here's How Dream Team Works

The moment you register, you have access to the online workshop.

1) Work at your own pace

- There are 8 video modules for you to view whenever is convenient for you.

- It's recommended to do 1 module per week so that you have ample time to try out the fun things you're discovering about how your child learns with your kiddos. However, since you have lifetime access to this workshop, you can go through the material at any pace that works for you.

2) Go through the material in the ways that you learn best

- I've designed the workshop to suite every style of learning. The 8 modules can be watched as videos, downloaded as audio podcasts, or read as written transcripts.

- There are handy PDF printables with helpful reminders of the things you're learning in the modules.

3) Available Anytime Anywhere

- The modules are mobile & tablet friendly.

- The audio podcasts can be downloaded for you to listen to while driving, jogging, exercising, performing tasks at work, or even brushing your teeth :).

- The written transcripts can be printed off & read in the comfort of your favourte chair, coffee shop, or under-covers before bed.

4) Get support anytime you need it!

- You can access me and my amazing team any time via email. If you have any questions, comments, tech support, or just someone to chat it out and brainstorm ideas for your child, we standing by and can't wait to hear from you!

5) Life time access!

- You can review & revisit the workshop as often as you want for the rest of your life.

- You can email me and my team years later, and we will enthusiastically support you and your child at whatever reading & learning stage they're at.

- Have multiple kids? Perfect! You can use this workshop over the years to help you support each of your unique & brilliant cuties.

Although this workshop is designed to help you set your child up for reading success, you are also learning everything you can about how your child learns in the ways totally unique to them.
This information is priceless, and you will find it exceptionally helpful over your child's academic life as you can not only support them in their specific learning needs, but you can confidently advocate for them with future educators.
An additional fabulous bonus to knowing how your child learns is that this knowledge will also help your child in deciphering a career path that is most meaningful and fulfilling to them, using their special gifts and talents (which are closely tied to their ways of learning).

Learn to Read Dream Team Workshop

This workshop is based on combining your unique skills with my unique skills in order to create the very best quality learning for your bright child.

You + Me = Dream Team

You are your child's first & most important teacher. You are the expert on your child, no one knows your child better than you. I'm the expert on how young children learn. Together we are the perfect team to ensure your child is learning to read in the exact ways that they need!

This workshop is designed to make you the expert on your child's learning.

By the end of the 8 module workshop, you won't need me anymore. You will be the expert on your child's literacy learning, you will be able to purposefully & effortlessly infuse literacy learning that is perfect for only your child, into your daily life.

By the end of the 8 modules...

You + Your Child = Dream Team

You will be the expert on your child's way of learning & exact literacy needs.
As you watch your child play, read, & experience life, it will become obvious to you where they're at as a learner and what they need every step of the way along their reading journey.
You will know exactly where they're at as a  reader and where they should be along the reading continuum. You will confidently know the exact exercises that your child needs and how to easily infuse them into your daily life.
When learning is tailored to your child's ways of learning, and to your family's life, then learning is truly meaningful, authentic and fun for your child.
You will be nurturing your child's special gifts and talents as they grow to become the incredible person they are meant to be.

Pretty dreamy, am-I-right?

The Curriculum

Module 1 - How Young Children Learn

- What learning through play looks like for your child and how to connect literacy to your child's pretend play.

- What 'formal' learning is (think worksheets & flash cards) and the exact reasons, demonstrated by decades of research, why it doesn't create long term academic success. I'll show you how to avoid wasting you & your child's precious time on this kind of stuff!

Module 2 - The Unique Ways Your Child Learns

- How YOUR child learns that's completely unique to them, we'll talk about how your child's distinct personality, their family, their experiences, and their favourite things all significantly affect how they learn, and I'll show you exactly what that looks like!

Module 3 - Literacy Foundation Read: How Your Child Learns To Read

- I'll show you the 3 reading stages from Infancy to Kindergarten, and where your child is at on this continuum (yup, you're child's a reader even if they don't know their ABC's!).

- How to read with your child at every age & every stage based on your child's specific ways of learning. For instance, do you have a busy little one always on the move? I'll show you exactly how to read with your active infant/toddler/preschooler so that they will grow to LOVE READING.

- Books are not created equally. I'll share with you what different types of books do for your child's reading development AND how to spot them in your bookstore or library.

Module 4 - Literacy Foundation Talk: How To Talk To Make Your Child A Strong Reader & Writer

- Have you been told that vocabulary is really important for a child's reading success? I explain exactly what that looks like in your home.

- The types of talk & conversations that ensure children grow to not only become successful readers & writers, but successful in school & in life!

Module 5 - Literacy Foundation Word Play: How To Teach Your Child Phonics

- The most important alphabet letters & words your child needs to learn first to ensure reading success (hint: these are totally unique to each child!!).

- How to teach the exact phonics that YOUR child needs (without worksheets, or taking any extra time out of your day to 'practice phonics').

Module 6 - Literacy Foundation Write: How To Help Your Child Child Become A Strong & Confident Writer

- Where your child is on the writing continuum (even if they're not yet writing).

- The EXACT exercises you need to be doing on a daily basis to ensure your child becomes a successful writer who LOVES to write!

Module 7 - Play & Literacy: How To Connect Your Child's Play To Literacy To Make Them Successful Storytellers & Story-Writers

- You will learn how to support your child as they become brilliant & creative storytellers & story writers, all through your child's very own pretend play!

- You will be able to effortlessly connect the foundations of literacy to your child's pretend play.

Module 8 - Living Literacy: How To Effortlessly Infuse Literacy Into Daily Life

- The specific ways to infuse literacy learning into YOUR family's busy life. Every family is unique, what works for one family or one child is not the same for another. I will help you tailor literacy learning to your family's and your child's specific needs so that literacy learning is naturally & effortlessly part of your regular life (without having to 'sit down' & carve out extra 'learning' time). Strategies tailored to your child that you can use while driving in the car, brushing your teeth, eating dinner, or standing in line at a coffee shop.

- Are some days just too busy to read (and then do you feel secretly guilty that your child will fall behind by missing a day or 2 of reading?) I share with you how to infuse aspects of reading into your busy life, aspects that will build strong foundations for success in reading & writing as your child grows. You will be able to 'do' literacy while you're standing in line at the grocery store, while you're driving, or brushing teeth before bed. You will feel confident and guilt free about busy days, days without books, because you will know how to purposefully build a reading foundation for your child that is crucial to their future reading success.


- module on technology

- module on second language learning

* unlimited online support from me & my team

* lifetime access to workshop & email support from me & my team

Bonnie is a passionate and enthusiastic award winning elementary school teacher and researcher. She obtained her Bachelor of Education Degree at the University of Alberta in 2003 and her Master of Education Degree from the University of Victoria in 2013, in the area of Language and Literacy; her research focused on multimodal learning (the many ways that children explore and communicate their learning) and the connection between play, story, and literacy acquisition.

Bonnie has worked with students, parents, teachers, schools, school districts, and aid organizations in Western Canada and Nepal. She has developed research based literacy workshops for teachers, and for parents, and was the educational consultant during the design, construction, and opening of a school built in Nepal.

Bonnie truly believes in the power of education. Education is the door to possibility for children, and literacy is the key to that door. All children are bright and capable learners and deserve to have their unique gifts and talents valued, and to develop confidence in their capabilities. Each child deserves to have a foundation in place that gives them the best chance of pursuing their passions and dreams. Bonnie is dedicated to empowering parents by sharing all of the tools they need to infuse literacy into their everyday lives, to ensure their child's reading success, and to inspire their children to love learning!

Bonnie's mission is to ensure literacy success for every child! Changing the world through education is part of her business model. Each for profit training program will be tied to a non-profit partner who supports literacy instruction to families in need, locally and globally

My Specialized Team:

Adrienne Fehr

 Inclusive Education Specialist

Angela Chin

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Ashley Walker

English Language Learning Specialist

Stephanie Spani

Reggio-Inspired Early Childhood Educator

Bree Tibblet

Montessori Educator & Freelance Editor

Jason Fehr

Educational Technology Specialist

Changing the world through education is part of my business model. Each for profit training program will be tied to a non-profit partner who supports literacy instruction to families in need, locally and globally. This means when you invest in your own child through my training programs, you’re also investing in children and families around the world; you are helping make the world a better place. 

The organization we’re currently donating to is The Malala Fund:

“The Malala fund empowers girls through quality education to achieve their potential and inspire positive change in their communities. The Malala Fund advocates at the international, national, and local level for policy and system changes that give girls access to a high quality education at a community level. They invest in local and national non-profit organizations delivering quality secondary education for girls in the most vulnerable communities. The Malala Fund amplifies the work of Malala by championing the voices of other girls, highlighting what works in girls’ education and calling on leaders to do more.” ~text from http://www.malala.org/malala-fund/

We, at Bonnie Lee Nicholls Literacy Consulting, are very proud to be supporting such an exceptional young lady in her important work of inspiring young girls to use their gifts to change the world, actively incorporate high quality literacy education in vulnerable communities, and compelling current and future world leaders to ensure high quality education for all children locally and globally.

Malala’s Personal Story: http://www.malala.org/malalas-story/

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