Lovely Words From Lovely People

I've been extremely fortunate with the people that have entered my life. I'm truly inspired by the amazing parents, dedicated teachers, generous experts, and talented colleagues that I've worked with over the years. Together we've been curious about children, researched, discussed, shared ideas & inspiration, problem-solved, failed, succeeded, and tried again in our quest to do our very best for the children in our lives; a quest to empower children to follow their dreams. Thanks, lovely friends, for your kind words!

Bonnie Nicholls teaches with intelligence, enthusiasm, and compassion. Her skills and knowledge are the result of years of teaching children, not to mention a lot of research into an area dear to her heart. Her focus on getting to the heart of how children learn, and using that knowledge to help parents teach children literacy more effectively, more than fulfilled my expectations. You’re in absolutely good hands with Bonnie!
— Phillip Le Ross, Parent

Phil is a parent & an incredibly talented musician, check him out here

Bonnie is Fabulous! She is a wonderful teacher for all ages, she’s such a spark and so positive, her students work to do their best around her. I was working through a Master’s in Education and she was just the same for me too, positive, easy to talk with, and got some amazing results out of me! She brings a vast amount of knowledge in the field of education and is always able to bring that knowledge into everyday situations. Learning with Bonnie, is to learn in a loving, caring, and productive environment.
— Claire Colistro, Learning Specialist Teacher

I want to thank Bonnie for her energy and passion in her teaching. She has enriched the life of our daughter. Her love of teaching is apparent.
— Derek, Parent

Bonnie’s an excellent teacher, with an incredible rapport with teachers, students, and parents.
— Carmen Moore, Principal

I found that we were getting into power struggles over words that stumped my daughter and I didn’t want to push her too much to figure out the word and thought that if this happened too much it would discourage her from reading. i really appreciated the fact that you took the time to help educate the parents (especially me!!) on how to help our kids and to make learning how to read a lot easier of a process. Thanks!
— Keira Paige, Parent

Bonnie is positive and enthusiastic, she genuinely cares about her students and the families she works with.
— Pat Card, Principal

I was especially impressed by Bonnie’s style of presentation. She has a wonderful ability to keep things flowing and fun.
— Parent

I liked the games. They are very simple ideas, easy to do, yet I didn’t think of doing something like that.
— Parent

I liked the games that you made out of the skills. You are truly amazing, Bonnie, thank you for everything that you do and for being you!
— Kyla Paige, Parent

I loved learning about the strategies to help my son with a word he doesn’t know. I liked that you told us the rules for beginning readers.
— Parent

The presentation was well done. The information was helpful, the presentation concise and brief. I really appreciated the package to bring home as it makes it much easier and more likely we will use these strategies at home. Thank you so much for an enjoyable evening! I really was not looking forward to the evening. I had a very stressful and upsetting day at work. Once I arrived, I forgot about everything and had a wonderful evening with my daughter. Thank you so much!
— Parent